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More than 7 awards to honour our volunteers!

As volunteers, the members of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA) receive no direct compensation for their support to the Canadian Search and Rescue Program, however in recognizing their important role in fulling our vision as an organization, we present distinction awards through our National Awards Program.

Heroism Medal

The Heroism Medal is the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary’s highest honour.


It is given to members of the Auxiliary in recognition of extreme skill in performing an assist or rescue that involves risk to the Auxiliarist’s life. This award recognizes heroism in the face of grave personal risk and which clearly stand out as above normal expectations. The individual must have exercised extreme skill, as opposed to superior skill required for the Medal of operational merit. Neither the assist nor the rescue need be successful. Only that the action required extreme skill and was performed or attempted at risk to the member’s life.

Exemplary Service Medal

The CCGA Exemplary Service Medal was created to honour the lifetime achievements of members whose contribution have been outstanding for the organization. 

The medal recognizes excellence in those individuals who distinguish themselves by contributing significantly to the CCGA as a national organization and in enabling the Auxiliary to achieve its goals and objectives in the saving of lives, prevention of accidents and providing for safer boating, over an extended period of time. The requirement to justify this award is exceptional performance of duty that benefits the Auxiliary as a whole. This performance must have a measurable, positive effect on the entire organization.

Operational Merit Medal

The Medal of Operational Merit is awarded to Auxiliarists in recognition of superior skill in performing an assist, or rescue, or other meritorious operational service.

The award recognizes deeds or activities performed in an outstanding professional manner and/or of an uncommonly high standard that brings considerable benefit to the accomplishment of the CCGA mission. To receive the Medal of Operational Merit, superior skill is required, not extreme skill, and there does not have to be a risk to the member’s life.

Leadership Medal

The CCGA Leadership Medal is given to members of the Auxiliary in recognition of sustained professional and/or leadership achievements in operations or administration.

The Leadership Medal is for members who have maintained an outstanding level of performance and/or achievement over a period of time to further authorized activities of the Auxiliary.

Humanitarian Service Medal

The CCGA Humanitarian Service Medal is presented to members of the Auxiliary and non-members who distinguish themselves by meritorious, direct participation in a significant act or operation of a humanitarian nature.

Direct participation is defined as being physically present at the designated location, having directly contributed and influenced the action.

Service rendered in the act or operation being considered must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be above and beyond normal duties;
  • Must have major significance;
  • Must have provided immediate relief; and
  • Must have affected the outcome of the situation.

Administrative Excellence Medal

The Medal of Administrative Excellence is given to members and non-members of the CCGA in recognition of outstanding administrative achievement or service to the Auxiliary. 

This requires services that were accomplished in a manner which is worthy of special recognition.

Long Service Medal

The CCGA service pins and medal are awarded to members who have contributed the corresponding years of service with the Auxiliary. 


Distribution of the service pin and medal is the responsibility of each regional CCGA Board of Directors. Recipients do not have to be nominated. The pins are awarded annually based on the membership seniority list.

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