Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue
December 2nd, 2006
December 2nd, 2006

Christmas Message

Dear Friends and Fellow Volunteers:

Christmas is a special time for all members of the CCGA because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the challenges that were successfully met during the year. It is also the right time to share the good that exists around us and remember those friends and family members that have left us.

Unquestionably, this Holiday Season affirms that there is a purpose for humanity, and encourages people to rekindle their commitment to focus more on those principles and moral values that are central to life.

Throughout this past year, our excellent spirit of volunteerism was evident. The spirit of community remained vibrant and exemplified the possibility for people of varying backgrounds and cultures to contribute in helping the less fortunate.

As an organisation, we remained a formidable force in the marine search rescue community, and we received many recognitions for the superior services that we provide to Canadian mariners.

In the coming year, let us make an effort to maintain the bridges of love and understanding which have fuelled our sense of community, sharing, unselfishness and caring.

Best wishes to all!

Malcolm Dunderdale,
President and National Chair,
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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