Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue
April 1st, 2007
April 1st, 2007

Attention 406 MHz beacon owners

If you own a 406 MHz PLB, ELT or EPIRB you MUST register it to make finding you easier. If your beacon is registered are you sure that the information we have in the Beacon Database is up to date? Please update your beacon information:

    if you move
    if you want to update the emergency contact information
    if your phone number changes, or
    if any of the important information in the database changes.

You can do it yourself online if you have a username and password at
or call us with updated information for the database and we will update it for you.

Call 1-800-727-9414 and ask for the Beacon Database. You can also fax us updates at 1-613-996-3746 or by e-mail at

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