Rona recently celebrated her 7th anniversary with RCMSAR at Station 5 Crescent Beach, marking a significant milestone in her commitment to marine rescue. Her journey with RCMSAR is not just about service; it’s deeply personal. Having a connection to many people impacted by PTSD, Rona underwent CISM Training, becoming one of the 12 certified volunteers equipped to provide crucial support within RCMSAR. She is now a member of BC Search and Rescue Association’s CISM steering committee, and Chair of RCMSAR’s CISM team.

Beyond her direct involvement in rescue operations, Rona’s dedication extends to leadership roles. She’s an active member of the British Columbia SAR Association and serves on the Board of Directors for RCMSAR, where she contributes her insights and expertise to further the organization’s mission.

Rona’s passion for empowering others is evident in her role in planning an event with their local station to attract more women of all ages to search and rescue. This initiative aims to introduce young women to non-traditional fields of work, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity.

Recognizing her outstanding leadership, Rona was honored with the CCGA National Medal for Administrative Excellence, highlighting her pivotal role in shaping the program’s success.

Amidst the milestones and achievements, Rona also cherishes poignant moments of remembrance within the RCMSAR community.

She reflects on the passing of Dan Savage, the founding member of Station 5, whose final wish was to have his ashes spread by his wife at the channel marker. On November 11, 2023, his wife laid the Remembrance Day wreath for Station 5, honoring his legacy and the collective spirit of service embodied by RCMSAR volunteers.

Rona also wanted to include a thank you to BCSARA (who represent 78 search and rescue groups across the province) for partnering with RCMSAR to help develop their in-house CISM program. Their members are internationally certified in CISM for individuals and groups. Rona also went on to take added courses in peer support, and CISM certification.