Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue

Message from the National Chair

So that others may live

Message from the National Chair
“So that others may live”.  This is why each of our member organizations exist and more importantly why people volunteer across this great country to help complete strangers in the worst scenarios imaginable.   The crew members who serve in our respective organizations are called out in the worst conditions and at the worst times.   It is when others are scared, they will respond.

The various crews who serve around this country come from all walks of life but one thing they all share is a strong desire to help their fellow citizens.  They believe that you give back to the community and they give in a huge way.  They take time away from their family.  Time that could be used for hobbies, sports, or sleep is instead given to volunteering to help others.

Aristotle said "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."  This quote sums up pretty well my thoughts for this organization.  I have had the opportunity to meet with many volunteers and everywhere I go, I see the same example of exceptional groups of skilled, dedicated people helping their communities.  What could be greater than that?  Only the sum of this effort by 4,000+ volunteers, and the collective brainpower, collaboration, and teamwork of these individuals working together is greater.  Each region has benefited immensely from the joint effort to develop and provide the best training, equipment, and SAR service.    Sharing of ´best practice´ is a hallmark of this Council both within our boundaries and beyond.

I am truly honoured and humbled each day that I get to associate with the many volunteers, across this country, who give of their time and energy to make their respective communities and waterways safer.

Randy Strandt
National Chair